Thomas Ramsay, Instructor

THOMAS (TOM) RAMSAY is an instructor for The Leesburg School of Photography. He is a photographer, cinematographer, and motion picture/television director and editor with more than 35 national and international film awards. He has filmed in locations throughout the continental U.S. and Canada, the Aleutian, Hawaiian, and Pribilof Islands, Africa, Thailand, Japan, India, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Tom has photographed and directed for Time-Life’s “Wild Wild World of Animals,” Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom,” European television, the U.S. National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. His films have been distributed worldwide and on ABC, BBC, CBS, and PBS television networks.

Tom brings his wealth of professional photographic experience, proven curriculum and course design, and developed content to the School. He has taught hundreds of students in the Leesburg area during the past seven years and has a passion for empowering them to be able to express their artistic talents through the medium of digital photography.

In designing his courses, Tom brings together his scientific method and his continuing study of the artistry and techniques involved in both modern photography and classical painting. His particular gift is the synthesis of complex, disparate elements of content into fresh and understandable concepts for practical application.

Tom’s career has also spanned a period of rapid worldwide technological development, to which he has contributed numerous patented inventions in the fields of optics and medical image analysis.

Tom has been honored as an Alumnus of Notable Achievement by his alma mater, the University of Minnesota, for his work in photography, teaching, and medical research.